What is IssuePriority

IssuePriority is a Product Management tool designed to help you identify the most important product bugs and enhancements to work on. Our visual logic builder makes it easy to build prioritization algorithms that are aligned with your initiatives.

Supported issue tracking systems

We currently only support Jira Cloud, but hope to add more integrations in the future.


Our product is totally free! However, we do offer Product consulting services to assist you in building and establishing a good prioritization system. If you are interested in consulting, reach out to me at pablo@issuepriority.com


1. Build your Prioritization Framework

Establishing a good framework is critical. Your framework is your Constitution. Your product team will act as the the judge; however, the job of the judge will be very hard if there are no established laws or precedent.

We'll work with you individually to define how each data point (Jira field) contributes to the importance of a bug, enhancement, or major feature. New fields and processes may need to be created.

The goal is to translate the existing mental process that you use to rank your backlog into code. When prioritizing your backlog, what makes one issue more important than another? Ex. Workflow Impact, Story Points, Scope, Age, Sales Impact, Etc.

We'll also help you codify any policies that you have regarding issues. Ex. Policies regarding accessibility, security vulnerabilities, and customer bugs.

2. Configure your Prioritization Algorithm

Connect your Jira instance to build your prioritization algorithms through IssuePriority.  Our visual logic builder  lets you build your own custom conditions and calculations.

3. Configure Your Sent Back Fields

Choose the fields that you want to send back to Jira. You should at least send the ticket's score so the priority is represented in Jira Itself.

You can also use our logic builder to convert scores into priority mapping. For example, tickets with a priority score greater than 400 will be mapped as "Highest" Priority.

4. Instantly Prioritize Your Backlog

Instantly score and rank your backlog so that it is always in priority order. Update Jira so that you can build dashboards that represent your backlogs.